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Selecting an AC Repair Service – How to Weed Out the Duds

This is how most people go about hiring an AC repair service: find someone in the phone book or on an advertisement somewhere and call them up aircon installation singapore. No research. No checking into their background. No comparing prices or looking into their reputation. Is it any wonder so many people end up dissatisfied with the service they receive?

To avoid the horror stories you have undoubtedly heard others tell, ask the following five questions of any AC repair service you consider hiring:

1. Do they have experience with your specific air conditioning unit?

Most people think a business that has been in operation for many years is reputable and the best service to go with. This is true in many cases since a business would have to deliver high quality service and treat customers well to have a long and profitable history.

However 20 or more years experience doesn’t necessarily mean that the technicians coming to your business have experience working with the exact air conditioning system you are running.

Make sure you know what type of air conditioning unit you have and ask if they are experienced with that system. When they come for the first appointment, ask some questions to make sure it sounds like the technician knows enough about it.

2. Do they offer ongoing maintenance?

If an AC repair service wants to be added to your phone so you can call when something goes wrong, this is not the right service for you. Make sure to ask about their philosophy on maintaining an air conditioning system, since maintenance will prevent many of the big repairs that are so expensive over time.

When you maintain your system well you will have fewer repairs, fewer lapses in service, and your system will last for a much longer time.

When you hire a service that has packages for ongoing maintenance you will be more likely to catch potential problems and fix them before they blow up into something that takes a lot of money to fix. If the service you talk to does not have at least some option for regular maintenance, then they aren’t a complete service and will let you down in the end.

3. Is there an in-depth understanding of the business?

Besides knowing how to diagnose a problem when something goes wrong and put in a replacement part here and there, your AC repair service should know all aspects of the business. This includes servicing problems and regular maintenance, but it also includes designing and installing new systems as needed.